Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous Friend

I am honored to have received this award from my very supportive and fabulous friend Tracy at I Wanna Build a Memory.  Tracy has been a faithful follower of my blog and always so encouraging.  I am so very blessed to have met (not personally, but via this great blogging world) such a wonderful and amazing crafter.  I really appreciate your support Tracy!

There are two sentences that I must complete as a part of receiving this award.....and they are as follows:

The best project I've ever made was...... my very first paper bag mini album.  It may not seem to be the best to many, and even though it was my "first" mini album I created, I love it because I put my heart and soul in creating it and I was so proud of was my very first creation.

I like to craft because..... it's my way of relaxing. I enjoy spending countless hours in my craft room.  I feel happy and content when I create.

I am passing this award along to three more fabulous bloggers:

Darlene at Darlene Designs

These are my three picks, and they are all Fabulous!!

Thanks again Tracy for making my day!

1 comment:

  1. oh, thanks so much silvia! you're too sweet! i actually gave away a couple tonite before i saw your message. we must have ESP ;p'. have a wonderful weekend, my friend! *hugs* steph :)


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